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The process of posting bail can be difficult and stressful, but you can make it easier than ever before when you contact Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish. We are a trusted bail bondsman that serves the areas of Walker, Holden, Denham Springs, Maurepas, and Livingston Parish, LA. Call us today at 225-438-0000 so we can start working for you.

Before the trial begins, you may find that either yourself or someone you know will be offered bail. This is the case for both felony and misdemeanor charges. With a bail bondsman such as Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish, you can afford that bail price far more easily. We continue to serve bail bonds in Livingston Parish, LA and the greater areas.

Smooth Out The Bail Process

At around 10% of the total bail cost, we can assist in getting that bail met so that there can be more time spent with family, friends, and loved ones prior to the very difficult trial period. Though the pre-trial process involves quite a bit and can feel overwhelming to just about anyone, using the bail bonds service of Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish can make the whole situation a little easier. Meet bail and spend more time prior to the trial on the important things in life by using our bail bonds service. Call us today at 225-438-0000 to get all of the information that you need in order to meet bail.

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