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If you live in LA, particularly the Livingston Parish, LA area, it can be difficult to handle the process of posting bail. In general, if bail is granted, it is around 10 percent of the total bail cost. Even that can still be expensive enough to afford without the proper bail bondsman to help. If you need help with bail bonds in Walker, LA, get help from Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish today at 225-438-0000.

Spend The Pre-Trial At Home

Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish is one of the most trusted names in the bail bonds business. We assist in the process of not only making sure that the bail amount is paid but also working with the Walker Police Department and Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office to ensure that all of the pertinent paperwork is filed and taken care of, regardless of whether or not it is a misdemeanor or felony. Get bail bonds in Walker, LA today.

Livingston Parish Detention Center:

28445 Charlie Watts Road
Livingston, Louisiana 70754
(225) 686-2241

Walker Parish Sheriff’s Office:

10136 Florida Boulevard
Walker, LA 70785 

Livingston Parish District Courthouse:

Second Floor: 20300 Government Blvd
Livingston, LA  70754

Being able to spend time at home or with loved ones instead of a jail cell prior to trial can make all of the difference in the world. Spending that time in comfort while preparing for the court case can help the process versus having to stay in a jail cell during that time. With bail bonds in Walker, LA you can wait away from a cell.

  • DUI Bail Bonds With the consequences of drinking and driving get a bail bond!
  • Felony Bail Make the legal process easier with our team!

Make sure to contact us at 225-438-0000 immediately if there are bail needs that must be met. We are one of the most trusted names in LA regarding bail bonds and can help make the entire process even easier. Get bail bonds in Walker, LA with our help.

Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish is here to help with your bail bonds in Walker, LA so give us a call at 225-438-0000 today!