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In the time between the initial court date and the trial process, there is an uncomfortable and unfortunate period where jail time is possible. That is unless, of course, bail can be posted prior to the trial. When bail is posted, this allows for time to be spent in the comfort of one’s own home while preparing for the trial ahead. We have been serving LA for a number of years as a bail company in Livingston Parish, LA and the surrounding areas. In addition to posting the actual cost of bail, we work with the local police department, courthouse, and/or jail to ensure that the bail process is completed in full. With a less trustworthy bail bonds service, the process can get muddied and paperwork can get lost but never with Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish. Give us a call at 225-438-0000 to see how we can assist you!

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Calling the trusted professionals at Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish is one of the best moves possible in the process of posting bail. In most cases, when bail is granted it is the amount of 10 percent of the total bail amount. This can vary based on the charge (domestic violence, DUI, gun charges, etc). Even then, that can be a huge amount of money that most don’t just have laying around. This is where Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish comes into play. We can assist in posting that bail so that the pre-trial process can be a bit more comfortable. Rely on our team for a more streamlined and smooth pre-trial bail process. We look forward to assisting you.

The Pre-Trial Process Is Important

The process of pre-trial can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Contacting us today at 225-438-0000 is the first and most important step in the bail process. We go above and beyond to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly so that the pre-trial process can be as comfortable as possible. There are a number of different bail bondsmen available with varying services. Still, there is no one better than Independent Bail Bonds of Livingston Parish as your bail company in Livingston Parish, LA!